1. Member Registration

1.1 How to be a TableMap member?
1.2 Why should I register as a member? Is it free of charge?
1.3 Is there any password format?
1.4 Why I have not received the account activation email?
1.5 How to change my personal information?
1.6 How to login to TableMap with my Facebook account?
4. Dining Points Program

4.1 What is TableMap Dining Points Program?
4.2 How many Dining Points can I earn for each reservation?
4.3 Can I earn any points from reservation by phone?
4.4 Where can I find my current points balance?
4.5 Will the Dining Points expire?
4.6 How do I redeem my points?
4.7 When would I receive the gift after I have submitted the redemption request?
4.8 What does the 100P which displayed on the available time slot stand for?

2. Forgot Password

2.1 How can I reset password if forgot?

5. No-show Handling

5.1 In what circumstances would a reservation be marked as No-show?
5.2 What should I do if a no-show has been assigned in error?
3. Registration Steps

3.1 How to make reservation through TableMap?
3.2 What should I pay attention to when making reservation?
3.3 What should I do if I have not received any SMS notification code?
3.4 How can I cancel or amend my reservation?
3.5 How to submit my special requests to the restaurant?
3.6 If I can’t make reservation through TableMap, is it possible to reserve by phone?
6. Other Functions

6.1 How can I bookmark my favorite restarurants?
6.2 How can I recommend a restaurant to my friends?
6.3 Can I reserve table for my friends?
6.4 How can I receive the latest news about TableMap?
6.5 What should I do if I do not want to receive any promotional information from TableMap?
6.6 What is 100% Booking Guarantee?